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A village is waterlogging rain Drainage unblocked
Qixia district yi enterprising village sewage drain circle road
Drain plug20Many days 10Household toilet
Jewelry accidentally into the toilet Property from CMC
The sewer pipe burst warehouse goods in dung
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Home qixia district in nanjing Michael gao bridge in class
The holiday season,24Hours of service
  Nanjing qiao tong housekeeping service co., LTD is a professional to qixia district in nanjing(YaoHua door.Xianlin.Gao bridge)Residents provide unclog the drain、Plumbing、Opening up the toilet、Clean up the septic tank、Fecal pollution、Clean up the sewage well、High pressure pipe cleaning、Clean up the sewer pipes、Air-conditioning maintenance、Air conditioning switching、Building waterproof bare、Waterproof plugging、Water and electricity installation and maintenance、Renovation of pipes, such as formal housekeeping service company。
  Nanjing qiao homemaking company tenet:Service in nanjing,Beautify the city!For the family、The mall、The hospital、The office、Business floor、Enterprise、The factory、The hotel、Property、The school、The bank、The supermarket、Municipal and city building and large public places, such as the provision of reliable trust dredge cleaning cleaning maintenance services!
  With the perfect service to win customers praise,Customers use word of mouth to help us off。24Hours of service,Welcome to inquire!The phone:025-85325616。
Super simple method,Easily remove the sewer smell
Septic tank construction technical points
Nanjing xuanwu borough dredge the toilet/Xuanwu borough plumbing/Basaltic
High pressure cleaning pipe technology principle and the construction process
Clean up the septic tank operation procedures and matters needing attention
Drainage clogging dredge method tips
Several common toilet congestion

1.Septic tanks-Advanced large green smoke dung,Professional sewage、Pumping mud、Septic tanks、Drain well、Qing tao septic tanks、Qing tao separation tank、Clean up the sewage well、Clean up the tank、Clean up the septic tank、Pipeline dredging。
2.Plumbing-Automatic dredging machine,Professional dredge qixia district(YaoHua door.Xianlin.Gao bridge)The indoor and outdoor various blocked the sewer、The toilet、The floor drain、Pool、The basin that wash a face、The tub,A quick fix to you due to blockage of trouble。
3.Pipeline cleaning-Exclusive introduction of high-pressure cleaning car,High pressure water jet cleaning all kinds of complicated large sewer。Sewage pipe cleaning,Municipal rainwater pipeline cleaning,The sewer cleaning,Clear clear industrial sewage sewer。
4.Air-conditioning maintenance-Switching professional technicians to provide you with air conditioning、Air-conditioning maintenance、Air conditioning installation、Add fluoride、Air conditioning cleaning、Maintenance、Central air-conditioning maintenance、Central air-conditioning maintenance cleaning、Cold storage maintenance services。
5.Waterproof bare-All kinds of building roof、The roof waterproof,Exterior wall waterproof,The house bare,Toilet waterproof engineering。
6.Water and electricity maintenance-There are mainly transformation and design and installation of pipe and the drain,Maintenance all kinds of faucet、Toilet water tank、Water pipe、The valve、Booster pump installation、The gas pipeline、Bath water penetration、A vase、Up and down pipe modification, etc。

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